I understand the cost of skyrocketing healthcare and will work in a bi-partisan manner to lower costs for all Virginians. Also. as someone with a pre-existing condition since birth, I will always stand up to protect the healthcare coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.  No one should be denied coverage because of a health condition. 


Criminal Justice Reform


As a law enforcement officer, I have the knowledge and experience to pass legislation that improves our criminal justice system. Improving rehabilitation programs for those who are incarcerated will help with their reintegration into society, and help ensure they do not re-offend, improving public safety. Those who are incarcerated based on circumstances caused by drug addiction or mental illness need to get help, not sit in jail untreated. Taking more time to evaluate those who are arrested and get them the help they need will save lives, and prevent more tragic incidents.


Protecting the Middle Class


As a member of the middle class, I understand how heavy taxation can strangle a household. I will not vote to raise taxes as a member of the General Assembly. Small business is the cornerstone of the economy, and small business owners should be able to conduct their business without burdensome regulations. My goal is to make sure my fellow neighbors and community members get to keep their hard earned money in the own pockets.




I will work in a bi-partisan manner to find common sense solutions to the Hampton Roads traffic congestion issue, and make sure tax dollars towards transportation is spent wisely. I will also work towards reducing tolls for residents who have to travel through the Norfolk tunnel on a daily basis. It should not cost the residents of Hampton Roads money out of their pocket just to get to work.




All students deserve the right to a quality education, and parents deserve to have a say in that education based on their child's needs. Taxpayer's dollars need to be spent to increase teacher pay, and increase the resources available to students in the classroom. Tuition freezes and expanding vocational training will help young adults get the education they need to transition into a career following high school. 

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